Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ice cream

We took the kids for ice cream yesterday.

The Big Boy learned an important life lesson.

He swallowed a too-big bite and started to rub his forehead.

"I have ice cream in my head."

He had no trouble polishing off his cone, despite the ice cream headache.

The Wee One was like a machine, he polished off his own cone, then began to bounce between Hubs and I.

"Share sum?"

The joy of watching their ice-cream bliss is only slightly marred by the somewhat amphetamine-like effect it has on them.

Post-ice cream they are a bit like flaming ping-pong balls of destruction.

I suppose all good things come with a price, no?


  1. love the pics gave me a laugh and i sure needed one this morning ..wee one is like nana just loves ice cream ..

  2. How sweet! Warm weather, kid's, and ice cream...perfect.

  3. Look at the Wee One's face - nice and sticky!