Monday, May 23, 2011

Vitamin D!

Oh, guys. The sun came out this weekend.

Mostly I just stood around with my face upturned, soaking it up. UV rays bedamned.

It was awesome.

"That is a hose, Bud. It's what you use when it isn't raining for 12 straight days."

We even ate sunshiney food, so great was our delight in blue skies and warm temperatures.

"Mr. Happy" best shirt ever.

We thought deep thoughts.

He's wicked smaht.

And once he was done thinking, he tested his hypotheses regarding gravity.

"Cah down dare."

I hope there was some sunshine in your weekend, too.


  1. Yay for the sun! Hope it returns soon!

  2. That Mr. Happy T is classssssic.

  3. I know that everyone wants sunshine, but down south we could really use a little rain!

  4. So glad you got some sunshine! It looks like it was a great weekend. Your wee one with watermelon is too, too good.

  5. loved the pics..small one looks like he is developing grumple's must be feeding him well..he he..i will take any sun i can get..please give us more sun and heat i am ready..