Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Hey Guys,

Chaos is reigning at my house today so here's a quickie post.

I cashed in a Christmas gift from two years ago this week and had my house cleaned by professionals.

Coming home to a clean house was akin to a religious experience for me. I nearly cried.

For a few glorious hours this house was immaculate.

Then the Wee One had oatmeal and that was the end of that.

Here's a photo of all the random stuff they found while vacuuming under the furniture.

Allow me to repeat: Vacuuming under the furniture.

And here is an extremely funny, though sadly and inexplicably blurry photo of my beloved Wee One, watching Handy Manny with plumber's butt.

I took 40 pictures trying to capture this bum
crack, and they are all blurry.

I'll be back again with a real post soon. Perhaps even tomorrow!



  1. Hahaha!! I witnessed the wee little bum crack at the gym yesterday while he was bending over playing with the kitchen/food toys but it was just too darn cute to try to correct.

  2. so cute got to love the little the droopy pants..

  3. Wait, you're telling me you can vacuum UNDER furniture and not just haphazardly around it? I'm actually afraid to see what's under the couches.

  4. L - dude I KNOW, right?! I'm surprised they didn't find a family of chimpmunks living under there or something.