Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Despite the May Flies

Seriously, what is up with the May Flies?

They are so swarm-y and annoying.

One minute I am standing there, minding the children and enjoying the lovely sunshine, and the next I am in the middle of a swarm of two hundred wee black flies.

They fly around so crazily and erratically,  bonking off my forehead, getting caught in my hair, and flying straight into my eyes or nose. It's awful!

They are not deterred by Off and their flight patterns are so drunkenly random they are nearly impossible to swat.

Today I spent twenty minutes trying to see how many I could kill.

Number of May Flies killed: 1.

I did, however, manage to teach the Wee One to say, "Get 'em! Get dose May fwies!" and clap his fat little baby hands menacingly.

A peace offering to the May Flies: graham bunnies.

One good thing about the pesky little buggers is that they don't swarm the kids as often as they swarm me (larger food source? Or am I smellier than the boys?).

Note the lack of a buzzing mass of kamikaze, blood-sucking gnats.  

Despite my current fruitless battle against the May Flies, I do have some good tidings to share.

1) My Pilates teaching certificate arrived!

Guess I passed the test!

2) I have relatives who make maple syrup, and they shared some with us! This stuff is so good - it doesn't even require the presence of a waffle.

I think takes about a hundred million gallons of sap
to make a tablespoon of real maple syrup.

When you are troubled by a hoarde of pesky, bite-y, fly-straight-into-your-freakin-eye, vermin you must count your blessings, or else you'll find yourself contemplating the use of an AK-47 as "pest control."

What's bugging you? Or making you happy? Do tell.


  1. yahoo over pilates ..will have to plan my visit to take a class maybe you can get the kinks out of this old it..

  2. Congrats on the pilates! We don't have May flies here, but we do have gnats or what some people call no-see-ums! Terrible, nasty little buggers!

  3. Congratulations on your certificate! You're an inspiration! ;)