Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Moments

Friday Moments with Soule Mama again today.

A few weeks ago my husband chastised me for not following Soule Mama's rules (one photo, no words). Alas, I am unable to hold myself to Amanda's standards - but I play along anyway.

This week, we dodged a lot of raindrops.

Unfortunately, this does not make for the most equisite of photos.

But, we'll make do.

This week we learned that dirt sticks tenatiously to wet hands.

"Git off."

We enjoyed every down-pour-free moment, wet bums bedamned.

Umm, wee one? Not the best spot for slide-viewing.

And we perfected the art of stripping off wet clothes and shoes before entering the house.

And you know that naked legs are simply hilarious.

So there's our soggy week.

To be followed, mostly likely, by a soggy weekend.

Hope there's sunshine in your neck of the woods!

Happy Friday!!


  1. tell jay that i love the friday up dates and the pics with narration so keep it up...looks like the boys had fun in the rain anyway ..have a good weekend love you guys

  2. Uggghhh...will the rain ever stop?? You are such a good mama for taking the boys outside despite the drips and drops.

    Here's our moment:

  3. What a rainy week it's been! We are really looking forward to seeing the sun again!

    Here's how the girls put the rain to good use this week:

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. no, I don't play be her rules either - and no, I would never try to live up to her standards (so I'm not that fussed about a little rule breaking!!). And I love your little one's dialogue :-)
    If you think bare legs are funny, you should see what happens when they discover they can see their own bare bottoms in the mirror!! hilarious!!!!!
    have a great weekend

  5. Fun moment! Hope you get some sunshine soon!

  6. I am also an avid enjoyer of 'your' version of this moment. Looks like a fun week was had. I still giggle at the kiddo language.. so cute!

    And.. Cate.. I can only imagine how funny it would be to see a kid seeing their bum in the mirror. Fun fun image!

    Have a great weekend.. I'm hoping for sunshine too!