Thursday, October 20, 2011


It's 5:45am and Hubs whispers,
"Wake up, Babe."
I grumble and thrash around a bit.
"Shh!" he says, "The Big Boy has already been up once and I hear the baby crashing around in his crib."
"What?" I say, too loudly, confused and disoriented. Then the enormity of what he has just said sinks in and I freeze, like a rabbit in the sights of a lion. (Lions don't eat rabbits, do they? Well, whatever - you catch my drift.)

Both children.


Before 6am.

I throw on fleece pants and a fleece sweatshirt (news like that requires some major comforting) and I tiptoe downstairs.

Priority 1: coffee.

The Big Boy exits his room (for the second time) at 6:03 and presents himself in the kitchen.


The 30-60 minutes I steal prior to the waking of the children is important to me. I am centered and ready to face the day.

Today, I am not ready but the day has found me.

I try to let go. Focus on meeting his needs, as that is my job.  I try, repeatedly, to push all my other to-do's to the back of my mind where they crash around, crying out frustratedly for my attention.

Breathe. Let go.

Moment by moment.


  1. Omg, both my kids were up at 6am, too... Must be something about today!

  2. Oh God, I haaaate that! It is so hard to be nice to the little punks when they wake up early!!! Hope your day gets better!

  3. Oh man, I can't even imagine dealing with two before 6 am; I can barely handle my one before 8 am (I know, I'm spoiled--don't hate me too much). Good luck with the rest of your day!

  4. It was the same in our home this morning.. only one difference.. both boys got up at 5:00 am.. :(