Monday, October 10, 2011

Best Day

Happy Monday, all. 

I hope you you enjoyed the Friday cliffhanger. 

Here's the scoop. 

On Thursday last week, the boys and I went down to visit my beloved friend and her two gorgeous daughters. 

She took us to Roger Williams Park Zoo, and it might have been the most fun my two children have ever had. 

The weather was unseasonably warm, and the park was fabulously empty - giving the kids ample opportunity to run around. 

I wuv dis baby.
She's so freakin' cute I can't even blog about her without using my baby voice. 

Both my boys were crazily charmed by Big Sister. 

She led them around the zoo, holding hands daisy-chain-style through the parking lot, and generally spewing rainbows and pixie dust wherever she walked. 

"Come up here and see this!" She says to the Big Boy, and by God, he did. 
Oh my, our little tour guide gave us quite a day.

He's playing shy for the camera, not for Big Sister. 

The Wee One?

He chased the big kids all day, squealing with toddler delight.

"Wookit dat!"

Even I have to admit the zoo was freakin' awesome.

Hooray! An elephant! 
This bird was the funniest thing I have ever seen.

He was an African crane and he jumped around crazily, dancing and otherwise being hilarious. I couldn't tell if he was trying to appear vicious or attractive, either way, we all stood there laughing until people lined up behind us.

Seriously guys, best day ever. 

It was awesome.


  1. Way to go, big boy! See? He is making big social strides!!!

  2. love roger williams is best buy for the money in rhode island..especially at this time of year ..they do great jack o lanterns. did you get my message about the book..did you know it was stephen king's wonder it is the scariest book you have read in a while..hope the boys were good for great,nana

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog! Looks like you had a great day out! Have a wonderful day!