Thursday, October 27, 2011

The long view

Happy Thursday, guys.

One more day till Friday. Wahoo.

Lately, I've been spending some time with a friend whose children are just a bit older than mine. 6 and 8 rather than 2 and 3.

She ate dinner with us last night and commented that she missed this age.

I nearly fell off my chair.

At this point the Wee One was running around the dining room panting like a dog and the Big Boy was peppering her with questions in between every bite she tried to take.

Missed this? 

The more we talk, the more I am reminded that often only through the lens of hindsight do I realize the truth of a situation.

This time, though exhausting and frustrating, is fleeting.

And I will miss it.

Thank you, dear friend, for the gift of your point of view.

I won't be able to cherish every moment of every day, but if I can cherish even just a few moments here and there - what a gift.


  1. boy that is some of the best advice anyone can get..appreciate every stage in your life as it is fleeting..i would love to go back to a time when you and your sister were running around like the wee one and the big is tough but don't forget to enjoy and laugh at it you guys great photos..wish i could jump back into the beach one HATE THE SNOW

  2. I saw a quote once that parenthood is filled with really long days and short years. I love that quote it's so perfect