Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I am

Inspired, as always, by Soule Mama

Today I am...

* tired. It confuses me how the same amount of sleep can feel refreshing one day and like sleep-deprivation the next.

* loving the weather. Yesterday I put a hat briefly on the Wee One, while just recently, pants were entirely optional.

* loving that my oven is working again. Pumpkin bread round deux, STAT. 

* feeling somewhat scattered and pulled in a multitude of directions, but knowing I have my own two spiritual advisers right here to bring me back to center. 

Stop stressing, Mama. "Come see da secwet paff behind dis bush!"

* anticipating some crazy-fabulous weekend plans. And I'm not the only one

Let's get a move on!
*  a hero. Yesterday while unloading a few items from the shopping cart at Target, a big gust of wind caused the cart to start rolling away, with the Wee One still perched inside. It only rolled about 5 inches but my baby-love panicked,
" Mama?!"
" I got you, bud!" I say, grabbing the handle.
And for the rest of the day I was treated to:
"You saved me, mama! Da cart was wolling away, and you saved me!"
Pardon me while I bask in two-year-old adoration.

How's it going with you, dear friends?


  1. Way to save the day! Considering how easy it is to earn the scorn of a 2 year old, earning praise is an achievement!

  2. Awww, so darn cute. To be a two year old's hero must be as good as it gets!