Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Other Side

Oh guys.

I was given such a gift today.

My beloved friend who took us to the zoo last week sent me some of the pictures she took of our most fabulous day.

Now all you mamas know that we are always taking the pictures, never in the pictures, right?

Well today - I opened up my email and there I was, a mama - caught on film.

Laughing mama.

I do not have the highest self esteem when it comes to my mothering ability.

I recall only the times I am frustrated, short tempered, and tired.

I forget the moments of laughter.

Looking at the monkeys.

I forget the moments when I am patient.

I forget the moments when I am happy.


Sometimes I forget that motherhood can be beautiful.

I most certainly am clueless that occasionally I do a good job.

But here is photographic evidence!

Thank you, dear friend. When I am having one of those horrible-mama moments - I can look at the pictures and remember that I do occasionally get it right.


  1. God bless you best friend..she does need reminding that she is one awesome mom raising two of the most beautiful boys in the world ..great photos and i also have seen those moments too hugs and kisses from nana

  2. Great pictures, what a wonderful gift she gave you :)

  3. you know who wasn't being a good mama? your friend taking the pictures. Do you see my kid on the other side of the fence at the kangaroos in the first picture. oh jeeze! haha. never a dull moment.

  4. These are such sweet shots! You should print them out and put them on the fridge so you can look at them whenever you're having a rough day.

  5. Look at that smile! Yes, you've got to look back at these photos on "those days."

  6. I loved this post. I have not been to visit your blog before, but clicked on your Friday photo via the Soule Mama blog. Totally relate to the memory of "bad mama"moments; but the smiles and good mama moments outweigh the bad. :)

  7. Ditto above comment! LOVE your photos, and you're so right - every mama needs a photographer friend to trail her and catch those fleeting GOODmama moments, to remind her of the joy of mothering when things seem grey x