Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Block Island Part Deux

Oh Block Island.

Even looking through the pictures makes me happy.

What did the children think?

Endless grass for running. 

Or lounging. 

Long paths for exploring.
That little speck is the Big Boy. 

Even the Wee One dared to stray from Mom and Dad.
At least a little. 

Ham bone. 
They loved it.

And we loved watching them love it.

Hours spent blissfully running, rolling and laughing in the grass. I swear - the very earth that Block Island is made of is different.

None of us escaped its' relaxing, peaceful influence.

And these aren't even the pictures from the beach. 


  1. It looks like they loved it as much as you did :) Glad you all had a nice, relaxing time!

  2. That looks fantastic--even I don't think I could pass up a chance to lounge around on that grass!

  3. tried again with a comment ..

  4. horray i am back on with comments and back from vacation sorry about the problem..the vaca with friends looks awesome and loved the photos especially the lounging one he looks so comfortable wish i could join him..talk to you sson love,mom

  5. Nothing like the island life. Nothing like swaths of green, freshly mowed lawn for little boys to romp on!