Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Life Lessons - Island Style

I'm fairly certain that Block Island may exist in some sort of dimensional worm hole.

While I was there, life truths seemed simple and understandable.

There is a small, historical cemetery behind the property and I while I explored I was surprised to see that people had lived well into their 70s and 80s during the 1800s.

When I mentioned this unusually long lifespan to my beloved friend he attributed the longevity to, "Island life" and I think he may be right.

Block Island Life Lessons:

Pig piles are hilarious. (That's me on the bottom)

Always hold hands.
(Do you see the Big Boy holding hands with Big Sister??)

There is nothing in the world so important as good friends. 

Babies are so cute.
Especially other people's babies.
And all babies need more kisses. 

Zerberts are hilarious. 

Fathers are remarkable creatures. 
I'm going to try to hold on to my island lessons, but already they are slipping away.

Lost under a tide of laundry and obligations.

It was something about simplicity. And laughter.

Guess I'll just have to go back to be sure I am remembering correctly.

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  1. wow what are so lucky to have such good friends..that have the same out look on life that you and hubs have..the pics are awesome and dad and i always take the memories over stuff all the time..your boys are so lucky to have two great parents..