Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rainy Day

Over the weekend, it rained.

And nothing makes my beloved Hubs more restless than a rainy, unstructured, weekend afternoon.

"House project!" he steadfastly declared, and off we went to Lowes to gather up the necessary supplies.

(In case you need a refresher, please see this post for my formula regarding the number of trips to the home improvement store you will need to make in order to complete a home related project.)

The Big Boy could not have been more delighted.

(Please excuse the quality of these photos, my cell phone ain't no fancy iphone, okay?)

Overseeing the procurement of hardware.

Horse Whisperer, meet Tape Measure Whisperer.

"Wook at dis, Mama!"
"What is it, Bud?"
"It's sumpin!" 

In the end, the leaky pipe stopped leaking and the Big Boy is now well-versed in the basics of plumbing.

Success, I would say.


  1. "It's sumpin'! B'waa haa hha ha! We should all feel such awe when greeting new things.

  2. all boys love home depot and tools ..is that a bruin's shirt under that rain coat..LOVE IT>>