Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Oh the glorious weather.

It feels like summer.

I would like to lie in a hammock, perhaps read a best-seller and take a nap.

My children, on the other hand - they have no such desire.

The bike needs a tune up.

The snow-blower needs to be "winterized."

"Bud, it's May. It's summer. Leave the snow blower alone."
"Yeah, but we gonna nee-dit next yee-ah."

The boys have gone completely tribal. We even had to move the buffet outside.

"Wook, Mama - gwapes!"

They barely have time for a pit stop.

"I gotta fix dis."
"No! Wanna go!"
Ahh summer.

Bug bites despite the bug spray.

Dirt in the bottom of the tub at night.

Filthy socks.

Sweaty, post-nap baby hair.



  1. mr fixit ..he is going to be just like bin and dan..going to be very handy and mother is going to love it when you want it fixed and can't get dad to do the summer finally not upset at all to kiss this winter good bye GO BRUINS..would love to see them win the first one..

  2. Your are spot on... glorious summertime feeling right now! Just soaking it all in!

  3. Mmmm...books and hammocks. The perfect summer combination--hopefully you'll find some time to enjoy them soon!