Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Blogger won't let me upload photos this morning, so my planned post will have to wait until manana.

What to do instead?

Parenting Haiku!


What is in your mouth?
Yuck! Give that to me right now!
Don't eat off the floor!


A horrible smell.
What have we been feeding you?
Wish it was Dad's turn


Baby smells like garlic
Wanted Hummus for breakfast
His breath is awful


Don't dismantle things!
How on earth do I fix this?
Not Handy Mommy


Hey! Stop hitting him!
Go to your room this instant!
Count to ten, Mama


Why are there no wipes?
Who used the last friggen wipe?
Alas, it was me


Stop picking your nose
I can still see you. Now stop!
Because I said so!


Don't wipe that on me
Go wipe it on a tissue
Now I need new pants


I hope you have enjoyed parenting haiku.

Please feel free to leave your own haiku in the comments!

Hopefully, I'll be back with photos tomorrow.


  1. I stumbled upon your blog because I too am having problems uploading photos to blogger today. Your haiku made me laugh - they are so true.

  2. you are one clever mommy..loved the haiku and every passage so true..


  3. I like "now I need new pants" - I think that every day, and then I just shrug and let it go. I will think of a haiku later when I am more awake and post it. Great stuff :)

  4. Bahhahaaha! Too funny! I'm glad you did these today!

  5. I am so sharing these on Facebook hahah.

  6. LOL i had to share this too :)

    Jessica in CA