Thursday, June 30, 2011

Circle Stah

Here's another odd thing about my Wee One.

You see, I think he might be a burgeoning wizard.

Hear me out.

Just for clarification this shirt says "Yankees, yuck!"
Photo by beloved Kelly and Derek.

You see, the Wee One is at that irritating age where he believes that he is the boss of the universe and nothing pleases him more than ordering me around.

He adores handing me crayons or chalk and dictating what I draw.

Where does the wizard come in, Melissa? Well, here's the odd part - all he wants me to draw is something he calls "circle stah."

If this were Salem, MA in the 1600's we might be in trouble.

See what I mean?


"Nuddah circle stah, mama!"


Listen, you draw 300 pentacles in your driveway and see if you don't start to wonder.


  1. Are the pentacles or pentagrams? The shadow knows....

  2. love the little harry potter..always knew he was special he he..
    hugs from nana

  3. LOL, this is hilarious! And cute.