Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet Caroline

This weekend Hubs and I went to Fenway Pahk to catch a Red Sox game.

We haven't been to Fenway since the Big Boy was born, so it was quite a treat.

Now, when you're heading to Fenway, you have to be prepared.

Tickets? Check. Bo Sox cap? Check.

Giant iced coffee and team coordinated nails? Check
We were lucky enough to get to spend the whole day in town.

Seeing the sights...


Getting some great food... 

If you are a beer geek you have got to grab a pint (or a sampler) at the Yardhouse just down the street from Fenway. Awesome food, phenomenal beer selection.


Finally, we made our way over to the pahk.

Chilling with the rest of Red Sox nation.

Finally we settled into our seats. 

And cheered our gang on to victory over the Rays. 

Love that dirty water! Bah-bah-bah! Oh! Boston your my home! 

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  1. i am sooooo jealous you rat..looks like a great day..hope the cold allowed you to still have a good time..maybe you have turned the season around and they are now going to win a whole bunch love,