Tuesday, April 17, 2012


If you buy the Wee One a muffin from Dunkin Donuts,

He's going to ask to eat it in the car.

If you let him eat it in the car,

You're going to have a rather large mess on your hands.

Now, I know what you're thinking,

Have you seen the nutrition facts on one of those muffins? 

Yes, indeed I have. But you see, the Wee One is, well, wee. And he subsists on oatmeal and water.

So when his little voice calls out from the back seat,

"Hey Mama? Kin I haff a bwoo bewwy muffin?"

What am I gonna say? No?

So, if you too are ever suckered into giving this kiddo a muffin in your car, here are the steps for clean-up.

Remove Wee One from seat and shake off debris.

Remove car seat and shake out debris.

Do not look directly at the spot where the seat usually rests.

Remove floor mat and shake off debris. 

Obtain vacuum. 

Vacuum car seat, scary spot where car seat rests, floor mat, floor, space between the two car seats, Big Brother's car seat (while you're at it), and the front of Wee One's shirt and pants (despite protestations).

If you've done this clean up in the garage, obtain broom and sweep debris out of garage. 


Car_wash : Car wash - happy red cartoon automobile. Vector

Muffin? What muffin?

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  1. lol you make my morning with these posts..got to love the wee one..kisses to everyone love,