Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Hubs!

It's Hubs' Birthday!

Last year I wrote about all the things he's taught me.

What to write about this year?

Yesterday I read an article about Dr. Oz in which he made this great statement about marriage,
"I sometimes say that in 27 years of marriage, I've been married to three different women and Lisa's been married to three different men: the student, the surgeon and the talk show host. People do change during  a lifetime, and we should view this as a positive instead of panicking and backing away."

Now, don't be fooled - Hubs is not a man who changes easily or frequently. He is stable and solid as a rock, but time changes us all.

And I can definitively say that I have had the opportunity to be married Hubs-version-1.0 and now Hubs-the-father.

The addition of the boys to our life has, like water running over a stone, slowly made some changes in our beloved Hubs.

Remarkable changes, beautiful changes.

If I know anything for sure, it's that parenting is hard. So hard. But, as with all other things in his life, Hubs tries his very best.

He's a dad, through and through. He's changed his share of diapers, paced with his share of  feverish boys, sung his share of "You are my sunshine".

He's there.

Strong, steady and solid.

He thinks about what we're doing here, how we are raising them - and that, my friends, that is where the wisdom is.

He's off to work today - just like every day. Dependable personified.

Hey Hubs - go out for lunch or something, it's your birthday!

Happy birthday, our dear, beloved Hubs.

We love you so much.

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  1. no comment could improve that piece..happy birthday to him and i hope he has a great day..i sent him something in the mail hope he gets it today love,