Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Hilarity or sleep deprivation.

Good morning Gang, today I'm going to share a sequence of photos captured by Beloved Hubs - at this moment in time, I think they are hilarious, but I have to be honest - I'm in a dreamy post-Nyquil haze and haven't slept well for the past few nights due to a cold.

This post could be a total bust.

Let's forge ahead and find out.


We had almost no snow in our region of NH this winter - so the boys are a little confused regarding snow activities.

Bro! Check out my snow angel!

Naw dude, check out my snow angel!
That's the most hilarious snow angel ever, bro.

Now let's practice the ancient art of karate

Flying front kick to the face!

Swiftness personified.

Check out how high I can jump!
Woah, dude, that is a seriously high jump. 

Like I said, I'm not firing on all cylinders here this morning - so if you are confused and/or disappointed by this post please send your complaints directly to: 
Fighting the Common Cold @ Nyquil .com


  1. omg you are hysterical gave me a good laugh this morning..think the running commentary is the funny part of the post so there might be a little nyquil effect but also think the pics are priceless too..think maybe the boys need to get outside again and run off some of that energy love the faces on the big one he really thinks little one and dad taking the pic is very funny hugs and kisses to all hope you feel better today love,

  2. Hehe, these made me laugh, too, and I don't even have nyquil to blame. :D

  3. Hee hee! I love the karate shot!