Monday, July 18, 2011

We're Back!

Hey Guys!  Oh we missed you!



Oh Hi, Mom.

Umm. Anyone besides my mom still visiting this Bad Mama?


Anyway, we just got back from our annual summer trip to Cape Cod.

Oh man, I am still sandy, sweaty, and digesting pounds of fried seafood and homemade ice cream.


I learned a few very important lessons, though.

1) The packing of rain gear officially deters rain.

2) The fastidious application of sunscreen does not deter a pink nose.

3) I am not meant to be a gardener.

See Dad? I was only responsible for this one plant.
This is why I joined the CSA.

4) Ants can smell pineapple juice from miles away. Do not leave pineapple juice laden cups in the sink. Ever.

5) And what did you learn, Wee One?

"What's that Bud?"
"Dat da oh-shin!"

6) I'm sorry sir, but that large hat on your head does not draw my eyes away from the Speedo you are wearing. Men in Speedos are amusing.

7) No matter what the circumstances, the Big Boy awakes at 6:00am. Don't bother fighting it.

8) But, sun and sea can lead to a rare and beautiful event


9) Do not invest your heart in a sandcastle, especially with a nearly-two-year-old-Godzilla-wannabee nearby. Jerk.

10) There's no place like home.



  1. mom had to visit to get her grandboys the pics ..had a great visit with all of you..glad to be home will get such a laugh over the plant..put more photos up i know you have plenty he you guys and thanks for a good memory was fun love NANA

  2. I'm still reading! Glad your big boy got naps (!) and the wee one enjoyed the Ocean. Maeve met the ocean this spring and all she did was wave. (not meant to be a pun, whoops!)

  3. haha, i laughed out loud at #9...esp the sentiment you ended with...jerk!! haha! glad you had a good time and entertained the local ants!

  4. Sounds like all of you had an awesome time, jerks included. Welcome back! :D

  5. Welcome back!! What a fantastic time you had and at the same time I bet it feels good to be home. Still laughing about "oh-shin" -- and will be all day now!! Thank you for that!