Wednesday, July 20, 2011


It's hard for me to write about the Big Boy.

He's getting so, well, big.

And in this mama's heart is a sea of pride and panic.

Watching him squeezes my heart sometimes, especially when he's trying something new.

While we were on vacation, the Big Boy got some special activities during the Wee One's naptime (shh, don't tell him.)

Mama took him to his first ever movie on the big screen.

And Hubs took him mini golfing (twice).

I have no photos of our movie excursion, but let me tell you - it may have been the best two hours of my life.

It took some convincing to get him in the building, and even more convincing to get him in the theatre, but once he was there, man - oh I'm choked up just remembering it.

He sat literally on the edge of his seat the entire time, sharing a huge bag of popcorn with me, laughing at the funny parts, and asking "Where's Mater?" every time his favorite character left the screen.

Then of course, there was the mini-golf.

I don't know if "bliss" quite captures his feeling about it.

Go ahead, ask him what his favorite part of vacation was.

So big.

When did he get so big?


  1. love these pics of the big boy are right he is getting so big and so smart but that is just a nana's opinion..hope he gets to mini golf again he sure did love it..kisses to both of them love,NANA

  2. Going to be wonderful stories to cherish!! Great pictures of that big smile too!