Monday, July 25, 2011


Goodness gracious - it's been hot here.


The worst appears to be over, and we have somehow survived.

Did I mention we don't have air conditioning? No, not even a window unit or two.

What did we do with ourselves?

Well we spent a lot of time in a less-than-usual amount of clothing.

We ran through sprinklers (even the grown-ups). And splashed around in our wee kiddie pool.

And we were extremely fortunate to be invited to a beloved friends surprise birthday party (Everyone say,
"Happy Birthday, Amy!")

Why so fortunate?

She has a pool. 

So we spent a blissful Saturday afternoon splashing, celebrating, and generally making-merry.

The boys had their first taste of tootsie rolls, thanks to a pinata.

This is a towel with a hole cut in the middle where a hood is attached.
Absolute genius. From Lands End

The Wee One likes him some tootsie roll.

The jury's still out for the Big Boy.

"What is dis?" he kept saying - as if he was
unsure this odd item was actually food. 

What did you do with your weekend?

PS - my birthday is Friday. 

Just sayin'.


  1. glad you got some relief from the heat ..the pics look very cool ..happy belated birthday to amy..looks like you had a good time at the and i went to cinema pub and say the new pirates movie with johnny depp to escape the was great! talk to you soon kisses to the boys love,mom

  2. We just put an a/c unit in our bedroom - I need relief at night to sleep! The rest of our house is not air conditioned. I don't really like a/c - I don't like the feeling of having the house all closed up. I love the photo of you guys hanging out in diapers reading!

  3. Yes, very hot. Go jump in the lake hot. Glad you made it through it and the swimming must have been fun!! Any big plans for your birtday - whhoooohooo!!!

  4. Oh man, just the thought of trying to make it through the summer without a/c makes me sweat! I just got back from a trip home to PA to visit family and Sammy spent about 99% of his time just running around in a a diaper--it was so muggy that the a/c didn't really make all that much of a difference.

  5. I have lived in areas of the U.S. that do not necessarily require A.C., but I find in those areas you really need a good heater because of the brutal winters. Here in Texas, you need an AWESOME A.C., but the winters are mild with only a few snow days. Its what I like. I have done it both ways, and I prefer the heat to excess cold/snow. One of the things we do sometimes, is get under a dampened sheet with a fan blowing on you. It is so cooling!