Wednesday, July 27, 2011


This post could also be titled "Don't play poker with the Big Boy".

I lie to my kids all the time. (Like I always say, it's not called "Good Mama Moments".)

They firmly believe that the Dunkin' Donuts sign reveals whether there are munchkins available on any given day.
"Munchkins Mama?"
"Sure Bud, let's see what the sign says."
Then we drive by...
"Oh no! No munchkins today, we'll have to try again tomorrow."


I got so tired of re-assembling things around the house that I hid the screwdrivers and told the Big Boy they were lost. 
"I dunno Bud, I've looked everywhere for them".

I also use to my advantage the fact that my children only have a memory retention time of about 10 minutes. 
"Can we go to Grammy's house?" they ask.
"Sure!" I say, knowing that in 9.5 minutes they will have forgotten this entire conversation. 

Well, Gang this shady behavior on my part has finally caught up with me. 

The other day, the Big Boy was examining my pre-vacation pedicure.
"What's dis?" he says, pointing to my pink toenails. 
"It's paint, Bud. I painted my toes pink so they're pretty."
Thoughtful pause. 
"Can you paint dem orange?"
"Sure Bud, I can paint them any color."
"Can you paint dem orange wight now?"
"Oh sorry Bud, I don't have any orange paint, but (here comes the bluff) next time we go to Target we can get some orange paint."

Well let me tell you, we went to Target yesterday and as I made my way past the health and beauty section the Big Boy bolts down an aisle and returns with...

 "He-yah you go Mama! To paint da toes orange!"
The Wee One began chiming in with, "Yellow! Blew!" but I thoroughly ignored him. 

A woman of my skin tone is not meant for this color.
PS if anyone says the word "cankle" there will be hell to pay. 

Alas, the days of bluffing the Big Boy may be coming to an end. 

The kid might actually be smarter than me. 


  1. too too funny..i knew the big boy was out for him..hope you survived all the crazy weather up kept saying that it was north of you!!love,mom

  2. LOL! Oh man, he's got your number now! :D

  3. No words, just me laughing. Not at your toes, but at the thought of your Big Boy running down the aisle to pick out the perfect color. I would have fallen over at the sight of it. Too funny!