Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Remembering and forgetting

As you may or may not know, vacationing with small children can be somewhat challenging.

The changes in routine led to sleep problems and crankiness.

The cute, but un-child-proofed, cottage was ripe with potentially deadly ant baits and exposed electrical outlets.


I've already started to forget my annoyances, and only remember the funny, cute, and hilarious moments.

Like this one.

The Wee One spent several mornings herding the seagulls.

"Look Bud!" I say, pointing to a seagull.
"Chicken!" he says, running off to give chase.

And then of course there were brotherly moments.

You know I love me some brother-love.

By the end of the week, the Big Boy had begun taking his bro everywhere,
"Come on! Less go!"
"Come ovah hee-ah"
"Wook at dis!"

And while the Wee One was generally amenable to playing with his brother, he did have to keep an eye on the swimmers.

Watch out, Hasselhoff.

"Wife-gahds. Keep you safe."

And after a long morning of  beach-fun. Sometimes, you just gotta rest.

What, you thought he left the tools at home?

Good stuff.


  1. loved the pics..wish we were back there..kisses to both those beautiful guys..love,NANA

  2. Oh, how sweet when they start thinking of their little sibling as a person to talk to! Love that.
    Looks like your holiday was a delight!

  3. Looks like another beachside trip is in order soon! Glad you all had a great time & hopefully we'll get to catch up with you next time! :)

  4. Sooooo much cute in one post should be illegal.