Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sunshine and rainbows

Good morning gang.

How's it going?

Lately I've been writing a lot of sunshine-y posts. In truth, things have been pretty good around here. It's been awhile since I had a day like this one.

I think it's some combination of the boys going through a "mellow" period, and me having carved out a work-life balance that is starting to work for our little family.

But, sunshine and rainbows just don't last forever. You've gotta have some rain in order to get to the rainbow, right?

So, let's chat about the Wee One, shall we?

This little man of mine is an energy vampire.

He is exhausting.

A need machine.

And all he wants is me.

"Mama? Maama? MAMA!"

He cries whenever I leave a room - even if I am heading to the kitchen to get the gosh-darn snack he just asked me for.

He would like to be in my lap or on my hip every single, solitary moment of the day.

I thought perhaps he just needed a daily dose of my absolute, undivided, brother-not-around attention. So I tried sitting with him yesterday doing crayons - and he was delighted - but his desire for 1:1 time is like a black hole.



I am trying very hard to breathe, stay present and find compassion for him these days - but I feel a bit exhausted and drained.

I feel frustrated that I can't meet his needs, and I feel guilty that perhaps he wants Mama so much because my attention is often divided.

Anyone out there ever go through a phase like this?

How do I give him what he needs?


  1. i used to have a very high energy little one myself..i wonder who that could have been "oh wait , i think it was coby's mom" he does not fall far from the tree..he is a bundle of energy and i am glad you are raising him at my advanced age don't think i could do the job that you do ..hang in there little mom you will make it!!!! love,nana

  2. Maeve is not there yet, but she will be. I am not looking forward to it and will learn all I can from you, so please let me know how you find the patience, fortitude, and sheer not-murderousness to deal with the cling.

  3. Abby is very much like your wee one and there are times when I feel completely and utterly stifled. But I try to remind myself that someday all I'll want is 1:1 time with her and all she'll want is to be as far away from me as possible. Oh, how the tables turn ... such is the enigma that is parenthood!

  4. It's probably a phase, like the other commenters said. But I think you shouldn't feel bad for insisting he manage on his own for short periods. You need your space, too. With a bit of practice, he'll soon realize he's okay without you around every waking second.
    Try starting a simple game of 'Can you go find mommy a ...?' and send him about the house to bring you random things. Our son used to love this. That might get him started.

  5. I used to talk from the other room whenever i left to go get something and i think i still do this out of habit. When he hears you talking he will realize you are not far, might help. If you like to sing, maybe a song he likes, could calm him while you are away. but mostly, yeah i feel two boys can still be very clingy at 8 and 3 yrs.
    Jessica in sacramento, ca

  6. Sammy recently went through a bit of an abridged phase like that coincided with Captain Husband's arrive home--it was hell on wheels. If you ever figure out the right way to deal with this, let me know! :D