Thursday, October 28, 2010

Things I hate

 Here's an uplifting blog post!

Sorry, but it's been a challenging week over here, and there's just a few things I have to get off my chest.

I hate it when the sponge gets smelly.

You look so innocuous sitting there, sponge. But you're not fooling me, not this time.

I hate looking for things which are: 1) not mine 2) of vital importance 3) missing by no fault of mine.

Can you spot the binky in this picture?

I hate finding my coffee mug in the microwave, hours later.

There's just something so sad about that mug, sitting there, waiting for me.
"Hi Mom! I've been waiting here for you. All. Day."

 I hate the empty wipes container that strikes when the poopy diaper is already opened up, and the squirmy one-year-old smells my fear.

Where IS that fairy that refills the wipes container?

The only thing I hate more than the empty wipes container is that desperate moment when the diaper stash spot is empty AND the diaper bag is astoundingly empty as well and I have to dash upstairs to "main diaper storage" to obtain a diaper before my naked toddler realizes he can pee on the floor.

For shame, diaper bag! I never would have expected this of you.


  1. I hate when the sponge gets smelly too! Because then you hands smell so bad! I can never get the smell completely off. Yuck!

  2. I HATE that!! the smelly hand is the worst part of the smelly sponge phenomenon.

  3. Spot the binky in the picture is a fun game!! Lets have more of those!!

  4. We're allowed to laugh with you, right? Your a strong strong lady to get through all that!! The smell sponge thing gets me too. I have no problem with tossing them if I can't take it any more.

  5. Just found you via Whoopsidaisy and just have to say your blog is hilarious! Almost woke up my baby from laughing too loud! I feel you on the wipes and diaper bag. Every time I don't have some vital item in my diaper bag, my husband gets all frustrated with me and I keep telling him it's HARD to keep it stocked!!!!