Friday, October 29, 2010

I do it myself!

My two boys could not be more different.

If left to his own devices, my oldest would still let me feed him from a spoon. He shows no interest in picking out his own clothes, or in putting them on himself. For the most part, he follows rules and is fairly compliant with grooming and dressing. He likes to watch things carefully before he tries something for himself. By the time he's ready to try something new - he's already mastered it in his mind.

And then there's his brother.

If left to his own devices, my youngest would rule the world like a crazed, ego-maniacal, despot. If you've ever read The Boss Baby you'll know what I'm talking about.

He's already declared a complete embargo on assisted feeding. He'll do it himself or he'll scream bloody murder go hungry in outraged defiance.

Applesauce. Messy. Sticky. Sloppy. Fruit flies everywhere, rejoice.

He even insists on solo sippie cup handling, even if it means he walks around sucking air 90% of the time.

Rockin' the pink sippie. Thanks Auntie A and Uncle N!

In an effort to stem the tide of complete food-related chaos that is consuming the floor under the dining room table, we have instituted the use of a child-themed tarp. Perhaps the term drop-cloth is more appropriate. Either way, it beats scrubbing the floor three times a day.

I think it adds a nice touch to the decor, no?


  1. Ah...the first spurts of independence. What a cutie! :)

  2. You have lovely babies :)
    Today is my girl's birthday

    via soulemama

  3. Melissa! I'm so glad to have found your blog via {this moment}! Some of the points you bring up? We could be the same person! (esp. the having to find e.v.e.r.ything!)