Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Being me

These two photos absolutely capture what it's like to be me lately

I take a step, and there he is.

I look down, and there he is.
The wee one has been a bit clingy as of late. Perpetually attached to my leg. This is a challenging phase for me, and frustration runs high.
One moment he runs from me as fast as his be-robeezed feet will carry him (usually into some dangerous situation) and then he clings to me for dear life when all I want to do is make dinner.
I know, I know. Enjoy it while it lasts, mama. He will grow up faster than I can imagine. I try to remember that and breathe when the clinging makes me feel claustrophobic. It is hard to stay present with him. To accept that these pudgy baby hands will eventually stop hindering my ability to walk.
It is impossible to imagine that I will pine for these days, even though I know in my heart it's so very true. 

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