Friday, October 22, 2010

A few of our favorite things

If left to their own devices, my children would play with the strangest collection of (occasionally dangerous) household items.

Empty Breadcrumb Can
This thing is an unbelievable hit. Not only is it an effective drum, but it rolls like nobody's business and scares the heck out of the cat.

Baby Monitor
This delightfully dangerous item poses both an electrocution AND a strangulation hazard. No wonder my little cherubs are so endlessly drawn to it.

Here we are with a poison hazard! Beloved Husband uses some frightful chemical to keep these scum-free, the warning label of which gave me terrors for weeks.

Breast Pump Parts
Reminiscing? I doubt it. The kid just likes chewing plastic.

Kitchen utensils
You name it. If it's within reach - it's fair game.

The "whist"

 The "mashah"

The "spa-choo-lah"

Save your money this Christmas, gang. Random recyclables, kitchen utensils, and small appliances are all these two want under the tree. 


  1. I just love your photo commentary! And your kiddos are adorable. I am thankful that my two don't put things in their mouth, but you are right, pretty much everything that is around could be dangerous in someway...and these items are always calling our kids with that secret language beckon parents are last to find out about! Thanks for sharing! Over from soulemama.

  2. This is hilarious, I especially love your comment about the "warning label of which gave me terrors for weeks." Haha! Oh my I have thought the same thing. I am always amazed at the toys they will leave wayside and sit and play with the seemingly most boring objects. To see the world through a children's eyes again would really be something!

  3. ROFL - i love this! My kids always find uses for empty boxes! LOL

    Here's my moment - if you are so inclined:

  4. Great imaginations though! I stopped over from Soule Mama.

    Here is my "moment" for the week. Enjoying some electricity :)

  5. Madison is obsessed with collecting little bits of paper and nature. She always needs them for her "inventions." After all the crap I have to allow into my home, I'd better get some royalties off these inventions. She has no interest in her toys.

  6. My kids love, love, the whisk too! What is it? Great commentary for each shot.