Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Soaking it up

When you get a bit of summer weather in March here in good 'ole New Hampshire - you grab a hold of it and squeeze as much fabulousness out as you can.

So, of course, that means ice cream.

Now, I had to post several versions of the exact same scene - but each one was just so amusing in its' own way.

First of all - note the very large distance between the two boys; the Wee One gets very defensive while eating - he needs quite a bit of personal space.

This next one, the Wee One's making that hilarious face again.

Why on Earth was he pouty and suspicious while eating ice cream?
We may never know.

This next one captures the intensity with which the big boy concentrates while eating ice cream.

Ice cream ice cream everywhere and ne'er a drop is missed. 

Finally this last one shows that iPhones take way better pictures than iPods and is hilarious.

Umm Bud, what are you doing?

Another gorgeous day or two awaits us before our weather becomes a bit cooler (i.e. normal) so we better get busy enjoying it. 

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  1. glorious summer ..the boys look great and wish i was right in the middle enjoying those ice creams with the striped shirts..see if you can catch them making faces at each other i would love to see that sounds hilarious kisses to everyone love,