Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jury Duty and early risers

Hey Gang,

I have jury duty again today, so I got up super early (5:38am) in the hopes of having a few quiet moments to write a little something before I have to go to court.

I tiptoe from the bathroom to my bedroom to get dressed after my shower and Hubs appears.
"The Big Boy is up. And waiting for you downstairs."

I go downstairs.
"Hi Mama! Kin I have a waffle? And some Cheerios? And a waffle? And can you turn on 'Pokey Little Puppy'? Mama? Can you clean up this mess? Mama? Can you push me in closer to the table? Mama? What are you eating? I wish I could have some of that. Mama? I want Daddy to stay home!"

If you're looking for me today, I'll be off doing my civic duty.

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