Tuesday, March 27, 2012

At the gym

You will not believe what I saw yesterday at the gym.

Now, the gym is a prime people-watching venue, and I have had my share of fun and unusual sightings - but this, guys, this took the cake.

So, there I was running, not unlike a Kenyan, on the treadmill.

The kids had been particularly irritating so I was running swiftly in an effort to burn off frustration.

Here's my view from the treadmill:

My view from the treadmill

With AC DC's "You shook me all night long" blaring in my earphones - I was in the zone.

When suddenly, this appeared

Expletive!! Expletive!! Man with a gas mask! 

I kid you not.

Like a ninja, a moderately ripped man wearing a Gas Mask leapt into my field of view.

Were we under attack?

I nearly fell off the treadmill.

Gas Mask Guy began to do push-ups.

While wearing a gas mask. 

I managed to regain my stride and not go tumbling off the treadmill - but it required intense concentration.

After several sequences of bizarre, crawling, military style push-ups
Gas Mask Guy retired to some other area of the gym.


Did I just see a guy with a gas mask? At the gym?




  1. weird ..i am sure i would have fallen off the treadmill..wonder what the story is ..i would have thought "training for an alien attack." what did you other gym rats think..you do see some bizarre things in the gym!!!

  2. Maybe he forgot to put deodorant on that day? :D