Thursday, March 8, 2012

Jury duty is not like TV

 Jury duty is not like TV. 

This is a sad disappointment.

The ways in which jury duty is not like TV:

* There are no handsome, young, attorneys.

* There are no handsome, young, CSI's.

Where for art thou, Nick Stokes?

* The judge never bangs the gavel. I'm not even sure there is a gavel.

* There are no amazing 3D holographic reconstructions. Of anything.

* Instead there is an overhead projector

* There is no  music to help you understand when the bad guy enters. Or when a moment is important.

* There are not nearly enough breaks for snacks.

* You can't leave, even to pee!

* The chairs are uncomfortable.

* If you fidget, everyone turns to stare at you.

* The bailiff is not funny.

* And the worst part - we are not wrapped up in 30 minutes.


  1. poor poor girl ..i have done it is usually mind numbingly boring with them repeating stuff over and over again..hope it is over soon..hate the thought of you inside on such a beautiful,

  2. I still maintain to this day that if I ever find myself in legal trouble, I want Jack McCoy to be my lawyer.