Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There's not enough coffee on the planet to make this morning acceptable.

I have irritation hangover from the children yesterday, combined with continued irritating behavior this morning.

And by "morning' I mean 5:45am.

Get UP!

I need breakfast! 

Think I'll go pick a fight with my brother! 

It is a cool, rainy morning. Perfect for sleeping.

Unless you're 4.

I feel like I've got nothing left for these two. My irritation and frustration is bone-deep.

Unfortunately, it doesn't matter, now does it?

Yeesh, what a dreary post.


  1. it is ok matches my mood today..hate the rain ..hate the job and hate all the craziness in our life..when does life get any dad says "no one promised us a rose garden" but come on ..these mornings are ridiculous..feel better and i hope the day improves as the weather is suppose to you guys

  2. Sorry your day is so sucky, I know the feeling, and I hate feeling stuck in the irritation and frustration, it's like a tar pit that killed dinosaurs - the more you flail about, the worse it gets.

    Could it be turned around by ice cream?

  3. So sorry you're having a bad day. I have the same days, where even the thought of getting out of bed to tend to the kids makes me want to disappear. I have no advice other than ignore them (hey, I never said it was GOOD advice!). During those days, I let the kids watch a little too much tv and hide out in the office. If they come in and ask for something, I tell them that Mommy needs a break and to get it themselves (unless they ask for something that truly needs my help). Fingers crossed your day turns out better!!

  4. LOVE your "irritation hangover" phrase. Never heard the term before but I absolutely get the sentiment. Hope your world sees an increase in sunshine & a later morning wake up time!