Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Birthday, Friend

Today is the birthday of a very special friend.

I have been blessed with some very great friends in my life. And this young woman, she's one for sure.

A wise soul in a beautiful package.

She makes me laugh.

She inspires me to follow my dreams and put in the work that will make them a reality.

Her career in fashion design is one that many, many girls dream of, but lack the intelligence, dedication and determination to succeed.

Not this girl. If she told me she was selling clothes to martians, I'd invest.

She's always trendy - but never looks foolish.

She has often had to drag me into this century, and I'm always grateful.

Those of us who get to be in her inner circle, we are lucky, and we know it.

A heart of pure gold.

Combined with enough common sense to keep an entire tribe of morons on the straight and narrow.

You see, my friend lives her life. She has grabbed it by the reins and isn't afraid to steer a course.

She knows what she wants - everything from intelligent 401K status to laughter, love and creativity.

She manages to include it all.

Oh, she's a delight to be around. Inspiring.

Happy Birthday, friend.

May this year bring back to you a fraction of the joy that you so freely release into the world.

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  1. you really capture kelli in this blog..she does make the world a better place and i am so happy that she and D are part of the boys lifes and i hope that you have this relationship forever..god bless you kelli and you don't get older just better ..hugs and kisses to the boys love,