Thursday, June 7, 2012

Germs, germs, germs

I have a little cold.

Unfortunately, whenever I get any sort of ailment the germs head immediately to my lungs, where they set up residence and initiate long, asthmatic coughing fits.

I pretty  much coughed non-stop all winter.

So, when I had 2 hour-long coughing fits on Tuesday night, I decided a trip to the doctor was necessary.

Go to the DOCTOR!

I dropped the big boy off at school and made an appointment.

Approximately 1 hour later, I received a call from the preschool, Big Boy was weeping in pain, complaining about his ear.

I rushed over there to scoop him up and take him home.

A popsicle and a dose of Tylenol soon indicated that this, too, required a trip to the doctor.

Two trips to two doctors in 1 day. 

Off we sped to the pediatrician.

Now, I'm not going to lie. I bribed them with munchkins.

"There's no way he has an ear infection." I say. "He hasn't even had a fever."

Beloved doc peeks in his ear, "Yep." She says. "He's got an ear infection."

Antibiotics obtained.

A few hours later, I leave two sleeping children with Beloved Miss Kristin and head off to my own doctor.

"I'm mostly fine." I say. "I just can't stop coughing."

She peeks up my nose and makes this face:

Dear God. 
"You have a sinus infection."

Antibiotics obtained.

It's awesome here.

Images courtesy of Rage Comics. If you're not checking in there every day, you're not living.


  1. too too funny are the only one i know that can't make fun from a day of HELL like that..hope you all feel better real soon..kisses to the big boy ears are the worst only second to sinus so kisses to you too keep me updated love,

  2. sorry should have read it first meant CAN MAKE FUN OF DAY...keep up the good spirits and laugh those germs away..

  3. LOVE Rage Comics... I frequently see them on PopHangover. When I saw your first one, I immediately thought, "Go to ALL the doctors!!".... I think I need to get off the internet.