Monday, June 18, 2012


I have a soft spot for fathers.

There's just something about that tough-guy exterior crumbling when confronted with a wee child.

It tugs at the heart strings.

I have lots of really great fathers in my life.

My boys are so lucky.

I wish I had a video of this conversation between the Wee One and my father-in-law yesterday:

Wee One: "Would you wike to pway in da sandbox wif me?"
Father-in-law: "Me?"
Wee One: "Yes! We could make a sandcastoo! Wook!"
Father-in-law: "Okay..."
And down he stooped, to fiddle in the dirt with my Wee son and some tupperware containers.
Now that's love, I do think.

Happy Fathers day, guys.

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  1. great post and you are right ..i am happy that you and your sister appreciate family ..they will see you through the tough and friends you guys are very lucky..hugs to the boys love,