Wednesday, May 16, 2012


A conversation between myself and the Big Boy on the way to the gym yesterday.

BB: "Where are we going?"
Me: "Miss Kelly's gym."
BB: "Are you going to leave your car there? And stay there?"
Me: "Yes, Bud. I'm going to take a class, but I'm not leaving the building. Miss Kelly can always come get me if you need me."
BB: "What is upstairs at Miss Kelly's gym?"
Me: "It's the same as downstairs; there's more exercise equipment."
BB: "What's exercise equipment?"
Me: "Well, like bikes, treadmills, weights..."
BB: "There's bikes upstairs? Can I ride a bike upstairs?"
Me: "Sorry, Bud, they're not bikes like yours. They don't go anywhere."
BB: "They don't go anywhere?"
Me: "Yeah." Pause. "People ride them for exercise.You get on the bike and pedal, but you don't. Ahh. Go. Anywhere."
BB: Thoughtful pause. "What else is up there?"
Me: "Treadmills, weights..."
BB: "What's a treadmill?"
Me: "Umm." Pause. "It's sort of like that thing at the grocery store; where we put our groceries and they slide up so we can pay for them. It's like that, except really big so people can walk or run on it, while not." Pause.  "Going. Anywhere."
BB: Pause.
Me: Pause.
BB: "Can I play with the cars at Miss Kelly's gym?"
Me: "Sure, Bud."

Next time I hop on the treadmill I'm going to feel really lame, thanks to my beloved son.

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  1. lol that big boy is too smart for his own good..tell him nana just finished 61 minutes on her bike in the cellar and never left the house ..that will really confuse him..i guess we exercise people are a little weird he you guys,