Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day

I'm sure you're well aware it's Mother's Day this weekend.

Unless you have a Y chromosome and are thinking, "Oh crap!"

Here's a hint.

Oh Motherhood.

Not gonna lie, it's a kick in the butt.

Humbling, humbling, humbling.


To my sister: who is a motherhood role model for me. I strive to be more like you, every day. You taught me to educate myself. But to discard what's crap  what doesn't work. You taught me to stop comparing myself and my children to everyone else, and to those horribly lofty standards we both hold so close to our hearts.
The Universe thinks you are very strong. It has asked more of you than I could handle, but you, my dear friend, have handled it. Continue to handle it. And while you're doing it - you're still managing to be pretty freakin' awesome. A friend to me. Quieting my neuroses. Inspiring me with the way you are in the world.

To my mother: Sorry. Sorry for all those times I interrupted your sleep. Sorry for that time I threw up in your purse, in the car, in those boots, in that envelope. Sorry for 1993-1997.
Thank you. Thank you for that brown leather jacket you bought me, which I was fairly certain would make or break my junior high career. Thank you for paying for those exorbitantly priced cheerleading sneakers, pointe shoes, and other ludicrous paraphernalia, for which I was entirely ungrateful at the time. Thank you for visiting me at PC - taking me to lunch at the mall. Thank you for supporting me when I opted to transfer out. Thank you for driving us to Disney World. Those memories are so close to my  heart. Thank you for instilling my love of camping, hanging by the fire, laughing, and staying close with family. Thank you for the way you continue to support me, in all my crazy endeavors. Thank you.

To all those other mother's out there - Happy Mother's Day. You rock, sister friend.


  1. still crying..thank yous go a long way and you and your sister always let me know how much you appreciated our have both turned out to be outstanding mothers and for the life of me i don't know how you got there from my must have been nana love you as big as the sky ..i have a little something for you but will hold it here until you come down hope you have a great weekend and the boys make the day special love,

  2. aww Melissa, I love your blog I read it every morning....Im glad you have such awesome parents. I just wish my mother could have been 10% of what your mother is. Happy mother's Day cousins & auntie kathy<3