Wednesday, September 29, 2010


6/9/10 When I hear a wee voice break the silence on the baby monitor, I sigh and think about hiding under the table.

6/10/10 J's breath smells like an aquarium and I am not particularly concerned.

6/12/10 Just found B on our neighbor's playset. Again.

6/13/10 While witnessing J's first successful crawl across the room, I find myself NOT wiping a bittersweet tear, but instead thinking "FINALLY, maybe this will improve his frustrated disposition"

6/14/10 Was a little disappointed when J rolled over and went right to sleep without any crying at naptime. (Crying time) + (sleeping time) = (total mommy freedom time). That's math even this bad mother can handle.

6/15/10 In the past 24h B has: pooped in the tub, destroyed an entire bed of lilies, and taken a baseball bat to the snow blower. Awesome.

6/17/10 Number of rocks removed from J's mouth today: 4

6/22/10 Been bitten twice (nursing baby with 3 teeth). Kicked once. Pinched. Had a clod of dirt thrown at me. Then a rock. Fished a variety of playground debris from J's mouth. Lost a binkie in a soccer field. And it's only 1pm. Ugh.

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