Wednesday, September 29, 2010


8/5/10 A sippie cup has leaked into the bottom of the diaper bag. The resulting sludge of goldfish particles, dirt, kleenex, baby wipes, cereal bar crumbs, and other unidentified flotsam is totally making me gag.

8/16/10 Inadvertently left the wet laundry in the washer too long. Somehow failed to notice everything smelled like sour milk until getting B dressed. BMM: Too lazy to obtain non-smelly clothes, I left him in his stinky clothes until naptime! GROSS!

8/25/10 I cannot fix whatever it is that B has done to the computer. Number of crayons eaten by J: 2 (blue and red). My hair has achieved an unparalleled state of frizziness, and I have eaten cookies for lunch.
8/26/10 In an effort to wear normal clothes out to lunch with a friend, I scour my closet and find six (SIX?!) black t-shirts. I am fairly certain they do not multiply on their own, so I must ask myself WHY I have bought six (SIX?!) black t-shirts.

8/27/10 you see, the problem is, my children are pro-fruit fly. so despite my most stringent, bleachy, anti-fruit fly efforts - I just can't compete with a toddler who insists on eating his applesauce with a soup ladle.

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