Wednesday, September 29, 2010


7/2/10 To the keeper of the karmic score-card: sorry about all the black ants. Remeber that time I brought the wolf spider outside and set it free tho? That should count for something!

7/20/10 B catches me with a hand in potato chip bag, "Dat?" he says. "Pretzels" I lie, not wanting to share. "Some?" he says. "Sure, but this bag is empty" I continue to lie, "Let me get you some from this bag over here". Bad, bad mommy.

7/26/10 B begins to throw up in the backseat of our moving car. I (not driving) climb into the back seat, catch the second wave (bare hands) and attempt to throw it out the window (car still moving). An awesome splatter pattern results. Sweet. Lesson learned.

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