Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tech detox

For Christmas this year beloved Hubs gave me an iPhone. 

Though it was hard to give up my prior phone - which had a slide out keyboard - I very quickly became addicted to my new little friend. 

Unfortunately in the depths of this cold and miserable winter, I discovered games. 

I discovered that I really, really enjoy hidden object games. There's an entertaining little plot, tasks to accomplish, and puzzles to solve. 

It seems such a harmless thing. 

Until I notice I'm always playing my game near the kids. Instead of watching them, or heaven forbid - playing with them. 

I had noticed other folks breaking away from technology lately. A few friends bidding Facebook adieu. Others giving up everything fun on their phone for Lent.  An alarming show on NPR about electronics and parenting. 

I decided to join the trend. 

No more games. How hard could it be?

It's hard. 

Embarrassingly hard. 

I pick up my phone frequently (way too frequently) and check my email. Then, with no game to open, I sigh and put it away again. Repeat in 5 minutes. 

It's not getting any easier, either. I really, really want to go download a new game. Right. Now.

The good news is - with nothing to entertain me - I have begrudgingly gotten a few extra chores finished, emails sent, books read, and blog posts written. 

I wish I could say that detoxing from iPhone games prompted a renewal of quality family time. Alas, no. The children are far too irritating for that for the most part. 

But I did have some moments with a wiggly, squirmy, farty, argumentative 4 year old in my lap instead of this phone in my hand. 

And I suppose that is good. 

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  1. totally with you sista ...i too am addicted to the phone and chronically looking for messages and emails..too much and we should all try what you are doing..i see couples in restaurants both sitting across from each other on the phone instead of talking or enjoying each other's company..PEOPLE PUT THE PHONES DOWN AND ENJOY LIVING ..keep it up think you will reap the reward..