Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Children's books

Sometimes there is some weird stuff in children's books. 

Take this little story for example:

A school principal bakes a gingerbread man cookie and takes it to school in his lunch box.

The principal has a bowl of candy eyes on his desk.

Pencils, pens, gold star stickers ... Bowl  of candy eyes - the usual school administration stuff. 

If that's ON the desk, in a CLEAR bowl, what (dear Lord) is IN the drawers? 

Next up, the Berenstain bears go to the dentist. 

After the kids' visit. Mama Bear and Dentist Bear share this steamy look:

What is up with Mama's sultry gaze and flirtatious wave? Not to mention Dr. Bearson's sly smile. 

The only other explanation for Mama's expression that I can come up with is Nitrous. Are Mama and Dr. Bearson taking hits of the laughing gas? 

Not sure which is worse. Infidelity? Drug abuse? Creepy voodoo principal? 

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