Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ooh Look! Another blog post!

We've got some changes going on here in our little family.

NO I am not pregnant.

The weather is changing.

We've had our two guys head off to school and start soccer.

The Wee One is venturing into the world of potty training.

Hubs recently received some extremely positive feedback at work. Everyone say, "Congratulations, Hubs!"

We are so proud of our Biggest Guy.

I have entered an extremely rigorous Pilates training program, and added 2 new classes to my teaching schedule.

Another big thank you to Hubs, as he bears the brunt of child care when I am off at class, chasing my dreams.

For each of us, things are shifting and unsettled.

We're doing our best to support each other through these changes, with mixed results.

You know our Big Boy doesn't do changes.

But with equal amounts of excitement, frustration, and hard work - we're getting there.

Things will start to settle down soon I hope eventually. And just about the time they do, it will be time for another round of changes.

That's always the way, isn't it?

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  1. great fall pics ..the boys look great..change is tough but such is life ..if you don't roll with change you go the way of the dinosaur and just become embrace the changes and enjoy each stage. kisses to the boys they look great doing the raking..can they come down and do nana's leaves too...